Ryan Giggs urges referees to stop games if players suffer racist abuse

Ryan Giggs says referees must be prepared to take teams off the field should players suffer racist abuse.
Next week Wales will become the first British side to play in the Balkans since Montenegro supporters racially abused England players in March.
Serbia, Montenegro and Croatia - who Wales play in Osijek next Saturday - have all had problems in recent years with their supporters guilty of racial abuse.
Croatia played England behind closed doors in Rijeka last October after a swastika symbol was carved into the pitch during a Euro 2016 qualifier against Italy.
And Hungary, who Wales meet in Budapest three days after the Croatia game, were punished for the racist behaviour of their fans in March.
There will be a partial stadium closure of 3,000 seats at the Groupama Arena for the Wales game - and Giggs is aware of the problem ahead of his side's Euro 2020 double-header.
"It's obviously an issue," Giggs said. "We have seen big problems in games this season that we haven't seen for a long time.
"For us we have enough to worry about with the game, so we will leave it to the authorities if there is any racism during the game.
"We trust the authorities that they will do the right thing. But the punishments have not been strong enough.
"When you see fines being banded out (Montenegro were fined 20,000 euros and ordered to play one game behind closed doors), I think (Cardiff manager) Neil Warnock got the same for speaking out about a referee here.
"It's not sufficient and it won't stop teams. Bans need to be imposed or points deducted because that is the only way certain federations can do anything."
Giggs also believes the onus is on referees to intervene when racism in the stadium is clearly audible.
"It's difficult for the players to do that (walk off the field)," Giggs said.
"I welcome the right people having to make the decision rather than the onus being on the players.
"Then the players are open to criticism rather than it being taken out of their own hands.
"If an individual is targeted it's up to that individual to do what they feel is right, but everyone is different."
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