Nicky Butt praises Marcus Rashford's unbelievable talent

Nicky Butt, a prominent member of the Manchester United academy coaching staff during Marcus Rashford's early days, has spoken out about the 25-year-old's outstanding abilities as a footballer. With 25 goals in 39 appearances this season, Rashford has had an impressive campaign for the Reds, culminating in his latest goal against Newcastle in the Carabao Cup final at Wembley.
Butt has revealed that he had always believed in Rashford's talent, describing him as "unbelievable". Speaking to the Daily Mail, Butt explained that he was certain Rashford would reach this level of success.
"I am chuffed for him," Butt said. "I was sitting with my son at Wembley last Sunday and he asked me if I always thought Marcus would be that good. I said yes, that I thought he would be unbelievable. He always was."
Butt has compared Rashford's style to that of another Manchester United legend, Ryan Giggs. The former midfielder revealed that he had always trusted Rashford on the pitch, drawing attention to his movements on and off the ball, and his reaction to missing chances.
"He was always a bit reserved and a bit deep, but always such a talented player," Butt said. "When you watch a game, you always focus on one player, and he was always the one. As a coach, you have to look at them all, but you would always be drawn to him."
With Rashford's talent and potential, Butt believes that he has what it takes to become a true superstar in the world of football.