Ryan Giggs on getting best out of 'maverick' Aaron Ramsey and Gareth Bale

Ryan Giggs has explained how he likes to give Gareth Bale and Aaron Ramsey a free licence in order to get the best out of them for Wales.
It has been some time since Wales had two bona fide stars competing regularly at the height of elite European football.
And Giggs knows first hand how it feels to step away from a star-studded club side and into an international set-up with lesser quality.
The same scenario now presents itself to Juventus 'maverick' Ramsey and Real Madrid superstar Bale, and Giggs feels the key is to release the shackles from both players to reap maximum benefit.
Speaking about Ramsey to The Athletic , Giggs said: "He’s one of those mavericks, a free spirit, so you have to give him that licence. But within your own tactical way of playing.
"I wanted players who could take the burden off Gareth, off Aaron, off Joe Allen. Because the stats when these three played compared to when they didn’t were massively different. We have to get quality around them, so they don’t have to do anything unnecessary."
The former Man Utd winger admitted calling on his own experiences for the Wales team helped him to better understand the players at his disposal.
He revealed that in international fixtures he would often be drawn into positions of the field he would not normally find himself for his club side, largely out of frustration at not receiving the ball.
Key to releasing Ramsey from such a burden has been Giggs telling the midfielder to trust his teammates and stay in positions further up the field where he can "come up with the goods".
Bale is also largely given free reign by his manager, though Giggs feels he has found where the Madrid star can best operate for his country.
“Gareth enjoys playing up front if there is someone he can bounce off," Giggs added. "But we have so many No 10s.
"Gareth wanted to play on the right and I felt it best if he did. I think he enjoys it a lot more facing the play."