Ryan Giggs is preparing to become a manager

And that move could see the Manchester United legend enter the frame to eventually succeed Sir Alex Ferguson at Old Trafford.          

Earlier this year, Fergie told friends that Giggs could one day take over from him. The ­38-year-old is currently ­preparing for the ­London Olympics as Team GB captain.

Giggs revealed: “Coaching is something I’m looking at more and more.

“In the middle of last season, I completed my UEFA A Licence, which was good. It’s a different side of things, completely ­different to being a player. I want to gather as much knowledge as I can and prepare myself as best as I can, if I do want to go into management or coaching.

“The Olympics is a great platform, it’s different being involved in tournament ­football to league football.

“I ask as many questions as I can at United and I’ve been the same here with Great ­Britain.”

Giggs also claimed he will watch for coaching tips from other sports during the Olympics.

He added: “I’ve always been a keen watcher of other sports. I love other sports to football, I think, as a coach, that you have to look at other sports that are leading the way in different areas.

“Our club (Manchester United) has always done that and it’s something I’m very keen to do.

“I watch all sports and I’m keen to gather as much information to help me in my career.”

Last season, fellow ­Manchester United veteran Paul Scholes gave his full ­backing for Giggs to become United’s next manager.

He said: “People have talked about Jose Mourinho. It can change quickly – it’s about who is successful at the time.

“Whether they are British or foreign, you just want the best man for the job. I could easily see Ryan Giggs becoming ­manager.”

And two years ago, Giggs said: “If I do ­decide to go into ­management, for me, the ultimate jobs are with Wales and ­Manchester ­United, purely because I have played for my country and for the team that I always supported.

“Those two would definitely be the best ones for me.”