Ryan Giggs: Jose Mourinho is a Winner

23 years spent at Manchester United and Premier Futsal is bringing all of Ryan Giggs’ talent, skills and expertise to India, with the second season of the league.
The Quint caught up with the football legend on the launch event of the season and spoke to him about defending his title, memories of Alex Ferguson and the future of Jose Mourinho.
Q: Ryan , you spent 23 years at Old Trafford. Was there ever a time in your career when you thought of moving to maybe Spain or Italy? Any thoughts of ending your career in America, like a lot of your contemporaries did?
A: No, because there was always a challenge at Manchester United. As a player, you want to win things, you want to win trophies. And every season, we were up there, competing for trophies. I never got bored, it was my club. I supported it since the time I was young so I never came close to even thinking of leaving the club.
Q: Any one memory of Alex Ferguson you hold very dear?
A: Probably when I first signed for him, when I was 14. He said, hopefully in a few years “I will see you in the first team”. That happened in three years.
Q: Jose Mourinho? You thoughts on his time at Old Trafford so far?
A: Jose is an experienced manager. He’s a winner. He’s proven, he’s won so much in his career. At the moment he’s doing okay, there was a slot start. Over the last three months, he has done well. Next year, they will really go for the Premier League.
This interview was recorded on 9 March.
(Edited by Kunal Mehra)