Ryan Giggs believes Manchester United are capable of matching Chelsea

Chelsea game starts huge spell for United

There's lots being spoken about Manchester United and Jose Mourinho, but if you go back to the last game against Newcastle then them coming back like that you'd hope would give them massive confidence.
It's the start of a massive period for them with Chelsea, live on Sky Sports, and Juventus coming up and also Manchester City not too far away, so they'll need that confidence.
This is the period that United need to be getting up for the games and I wouldn't be surprised if they come through this period pretty well because they are capable of playing against and matching the good teams.
I was at the game against Newcastle and the visitors played really well in the first half and you sometimes get that. I played in games where you're down 1-0 or 2-0 and you're forced to go for it. With the attacking ability they've got they've always got a chance.
For example, Anthony Martial didn't play well in the first half but in the second he came out flying and that's nothing to do with the manager, that's the player doing it for themselves, so sometimes you can't put everything on the manager.
They got three goals in the last game so obviously the attacking threats are there, obviously you'd like to get that attacking intent for 90 minutes but if you play like that against Chelsea and go 1-0 down it's a long way back - you can possibly get away with it against so-called lesser teams.
So this period really is crucial for Manchester United - if you beat teams around you then it gives you not only three points but huge confidence as well so if they come through this period with a couple of wins against the big teams then they're back in it.
I'm not saying they can challenge for the title but they're well capable of at least being up there and in these big games if one manager knows how to dig out results it's Mourinho.

No Bale for Wales

It was a challenge that I set down for the lads before the game to go and win without Gareth Bale playing. I think it's 10 years since Gareth and Aaron Ramsey had both not played a competitive game so to win without them gives belief to these young players that they can win a massive game.
Hopefully, we'll get them back for the next game but it's good that the players now know that they can win without them.
There are a lot good young players playing for us so things are looking positive for Wales right now. David Brooks is a talent, he's done really well at Bournemouth and perhaps he didn't expect to play as many games as he has. I watched him in the first game of the season against Cardiff and he did really well.
Harry Wilson is benefitting from playing regular football, and that's the thing for the likes of Ethan Ampadu and Ben Woodburn and other players at top clubs is to get regular football.
But Harry's been playing for Derby and that confidence is coming through now for Wales. He's practised his free kicks in training a lot, he's got great technique and he's now seeing the benefit of that on the pitch.
There'll be an interesting conversation when we get a free kick when Gareth's back…

Regular football a must for young stars

As I say, I do prefer my players to be playing regular football before selecting them for the national side - mainly just because it's so hard to ask them to play 90 minutes if they're not doing it regularly at club level - so you're basically guaranteed to use a sub for them.
I've been asked the question as Gareth Southgate has had some players in his England squad who aren't regulars but for me, my preference is for them to be regulars for their clubs.
Of course, as international managers we can't just go out and buy players so we've got to work with what we've got available, and sometimes that includes players who are seeing regular action.
So sometimes you've just got to throw payers in and accept it but ideally you want them playing.

Player to coach is no easy transition

It's great to see John Terry moving into coaching and he's joining a number of top players making the move.
It'll be a tough transition though - as I found out myself - and if I was offering any advice I'd say the biggest thing is you've got to stop thinking like a player.
John Terry (right) has joined Aston Villa's coaching team
It sounds easy but you've spent years thinking about yourself and your own performances, you've got to now think the group about the collective and making decisions based on the good of the club.
Some players need a good talking to, some need an arm around them, preparation is key and you have to get everything spot-on to give then players everything they need to survive.

Salford salvage a point

Before the game against Braintree, we'd have thought a draw would have been a disappointing result but scoring in the last minute as we did we're happy enough - and it could turn out to be a vital point.
The teams around us drew or lost so we got away with it and overall it was a decent week for us. We remain top of the table.
A lot of teams are raising their game when they play us now, we're getting used to it though and anyway it's the kind of league where anyone can beat anyone else. It's so tight you can see with the top four see how tight it is and it might just come down to beating the boys around you.