Gary Neville shares three former Man Utd teammates that completed bleep test

Gary Neville has praised the fitness of former Manchester United trio Ryan Giggs, David Beckham and Dwight Yorke.
The three players completed the bleep test - the dreaded fitness assessment which involves running shuttles over 20 metres according to beeps that continuously get quicker.
Current United star Scott McTominay has been praised for posting a blisteringly quick 5km time this week.
But Neville has highlighted some of his old team-mates whose exploits on the pitch were greatly enhanced by their endurance.
"We used to do this form of the bleep test, I know Yorkie, Giggs and Becks completed the bleep test when we were at United," Neville told Sky Sports.
"Their energy levels were unbelievable.
"Becks’ great strength actually, he wasn’t lightening quick, but what he used to do was run the same speed continuously all game, he used to wear out the legs of the left-backs who were quicker than him.
"At the end of the game, the last 20 minutes, he’d get that space and he’d be putting those crosses in. The pressure that would put on teams was unbelievable. Giggsy had the same levels of energy.
"They seemed to be able to eat what they want and not put any weight on. They had unbelievable energy up and down.
"They were doing loads of high-intensity running but also were equally they were good at endurance stuff as well. It’s a midfield player’s mentality."
When the aforementioned three were at United they enjoyed their most dominant period of success during the Premier League era.
Results at Old Trafford have massively dropped off since those days with the current crop of players enjoying their biggest successes playing a counter attacking style that requires them to be primed to attack throughout the match.