Wenger hails exceptional Giggs

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has lauded the career of Ryan Giggs.
The Manchester United midfielder, who turns 40 on Friday, continues to put in stellar performances both domestically and in Europe and his achievements have certainly not been lost on Wenger who labels the Welshman as ‘unbelievable’.
“If I’m 20 per cent above the normal level at a young age and I drop 10 per cent, I'm still 10 per cent above everybody else. That's what happened to Ryan Giggs,” Wenger told Arsenal Player.
“What he has done is absolutely exceptional. I always thought that Ryan Giggs did not always get the reward or the recognition for his quality and his huge career because he did not play in the World Cup and the European Championship.
“You look at his club career - it's absolutely unbelievable. The quality of his performances show a masterclass at 40. What is very remarkable in his case is that he has turned from being an individual player into being a good passer and a collective player.
“That is a very difficult transformation and that shows you that he not only had individual quality but the intelligence and understanding of the game as well."