Gareth Bale: I'd like to be as good as Maradona or Giggs

Tottenham star Gareth Bale says he would most like to be Maradona or Ryan Giggs were he able to choose.
Bale has been named as the cover star of video game FIFA 14, and reveals he would most like to be able to pull off tricks like the two greats.
"I’d probably say [I'd like to be most like] Ryan Giggs or Diego Maradona," he said in an interview with Zoo Magazine. "In their prime, they could both weave through players like it’s no effort at all."
He added of his own method of beating a defender: "I anticipate a defender reacting to what I’m going to do by setting up a trick, dummying them one way, and then going the other.
 "They usually show me onto my right foot, so I know they’ll be on my left side, so I tend to cut inside and try and get a shot away or just make a positive impact on the game."
The Welshman has forged a reputation as one of best players on the planet after his brilliant 2012/13 campaign.
Bale scored 21 goals in the Premier League last season on his way to scooping the PFA Player and Young Player of the Year awards, as well as the FWA prize.
Such has been the impact of the Spurs forward's rise to prominence that he has been linked with a move to Real Madrid this summer.
However Bale says he is not distracted by all the speculation that surrounds him and is focused on getting better and better still.
"I can definitely improve," he said. "I want to get better every year. 
"The target for every player is to keep improving and getting better. Plus, as you get older, the experience helps you as well."