Egypt national team always strong but unlucky, says Ryan Giggs

Egypt's national team has always been strong yet unlucky, Welsh football legend Ryan Giggs said during a Thursday press conference in Cairo.
"The team has always been strong, but they were unlucky lately," the footballer said when asked about the Egyptian national team's past performances.
Giggs, who attended Heineken Egypt's Trophy Tour in Cairo, was referencing Egypt's loss in the Africa Cup of Nations final game to rival Cameroon in February.
The renowned 43-year-old also spoke about young Egyptian footballers and their careers in European tournaments.
"You've got Egyptian players in Europe now -- Mohamed Salah for example in Italy. A very good player who once played with Chelsea in the Premier League," Giggs said.
The 24-year-old Salah currently plays with Italy's AS Roma, after several shifts between Swiss football team Basel FC, English Premier League's Chelsea and Italy's Fiorentina.
Giggs also mentioned an Egyptian player at Arsenal as an example of Egyptian footballers' success abroad, but did not say the player's name.
Egyptian midfielder Mohamed Elneny has been playing for Arsenal since January 2016 following a move from Basel.
Elneny has made a few Premier League appearances so far this season, with the Gunners currently fighting for a spot in the league's top four.