Bryan Robson on Ryan Giggs

Ryan Giggs could stretch his amazing one club career and still be playing in the Premier League when he turns 40.

That’s the belief of Bryan Robson who once shared a dressing room with a skinny young Giggs, but now marvels at the staying power of the player who broke Sir Bobby Charlton’s Manchester United appearance record.

Robson said: “Ryan will be 38 in November and for me there’s no doubt he can go on for a few more years yet.

“He’s got the desire – that’s why he’s won as many things as he has in his career.

“When I saw him as a 17-year-old when he first came in he had unbelievable pace, stamina, and that hasn’t changed much.

“He won’t put weight on and he’s a fitness fanatic. He also has an incredible mentality to keep going and keep winning.

“He has more of a temper than you’d think. He’s mild-mannered, but when he really thinks something, he can snap and have a right go at people.

“You need that edge. You have to care and have a bit of edge to be a top player.”

Robson added: “If you have a lot of those personalities ­together now and again you’ll have a ruck and they can clash, but it’s ­always been an essential part of having a team with the ­hunger to win things.”

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