Round recalls Giggs torment

Steve Round has recalled being given a torrid time by Ryan Giggs when the Manchester United legend was still a schoolboy.
The former Derby County defender, who moved from Everton to Old Trafford with David Moyes in the summer, is enjoying working with the Welshman and finding it a lot easier than trying to mark somebody who went on to become the most decorated player in British football history.
"I don't need to say anything about Ryan Giggs," the Reds' assistant manager told us. "He is a phenomenal player.
"I actually played against him in a Reserves game and reminded him recently of this. When he was 14 or 15 and a schoolboy, he played against Derby County at Old Trafford. I would have been about 18 and it was only my third or fourth Reserves game at Derby.
"He played left wing and I was right-back. He doesn't remember it but I remember, boy do I remember. He gave me an absolute torrid time. I couldn't stay with him or get near him.
"Afterwards, I received the biggest telling off I've ever had in my life from the manager Arthur Cox because a schoolboy had run me ragged. That would have been around 1987 or 1988 and, all this time later, he's still performing at the very highest level and putting in wonderful performances."
Giggs has provided invaluable advice to the other coaches and is clearly a key member of the club because of his extraordinary longevity.
"I've found him to be a really good guy as well," added Round. "He's very easy to talk to and has a great wealth of knowledge and experience.
"He's certainly helped all the new staff to settle in and is obviously part of our staff now so you can confide in him and he can confide in you. He can talk about what it takes to be a Manchester United player and what's important to the fans and the club plus the ethos and culture.
"Everything is ingrained in him. He's like a piece of granite that's here and rock solid."