Moyes: Giggs is greatest

David Moyes believes Ryan Giggs sits top of the list of Premier League legends and is an example of professionalism to all modern footballers. 
Giggs turned 40 today (29 November) and is enjoying his 24th season with the Reds, most recently producing a virtuoso display during Wednesday’s impressive 5-0 win over Bayer Leverkusen in the UEFA Champions League. 
Speaking during his weekly press conference at the Aon Training Complex, Moyes was clear in his assessment when asked where Giggs features in the pantheon of Premier League greats.
“He’s undoubtedly at the top because of his longevity and the time that he has played for just one club, the amount of games he has played in Europe and in the Premier League,” the boss explained. 
“Every season, you can look at Ryan Giggs moments and to be playing so well at his age is terrific. He’s a great example to young players about how you should dedicate yourself throughout your career, and also to players who get into their early to mid-30s and think things are coming to an end. Well, if you really look after yourself and train well, you can go on for a lot longer.”
Inevitably, at such a milestone, questions are naturally asked about how long Giggs can continue his illustrious playing career at Old Trafford. However, Moyes feels now is not the time for the 40-year-old to make assessments about his future.
“I said last week when I got asked in the press conference, when you get to this age it is always a late decision and you wait until the end of the season before making a decision,” the manager told reporters. “It is based on how you feel, how you have done over the year and what your body is telling you, so there are no quick decisions on that or anything else.”
On a lighter note, the manager also revealed that Giggs’ team-mates had a few surprises planned for the birthday boy at the Aon Training Complex, paying special attention to one particular present. 
“Yeah they did, they had something in the dressing room,” Moyes told, when asked if the players had something in store for Giggs. “They had one or two surprises for him. I think one was a coaches’ watch – I think they are beginning to think about pushing him out of the dressing room. 
“But they are very good. He is respected by everybody in the dressing room, obviously because of what he has done and what he has achieved in football.”