Giggs, Owen and Hargreaves all single out 'outstanding' player vs Man City

Manchester United picked up a crucial win over Manchester City on Sunday and a number of players played starring roles.
Manchester United right-back Aaron Wan-Bissaka was the name on the lips of three former Red Devils stars following the win over Manchester City on Sunday. Wan-Bissaka helped United beat City 2-0 at Old Trafford and extend the club's unbeaten run in all competitions to 10 matches. The England international's task was to keep Raheem Sterling quiet on City's left wing.
And Legendary United winger Ryan Giggs was seriously impressed with Wan-Bissaka who he says dealt with "ultimate test" Sterling.
"Outstanding," Giggs told Premier League Productions.
"He was really key because he was 50-50 to whether he was going to be fit.
"Against Sterling, and against everyone who he come up against really, last-ditch tackles, also calm on the ball.
"But he is ultimately old school because he just wants to defend.
"Sometimes he can do better obviously if you want to be really critical on his final ball.
"But I've yet to see him really get done by anyone because of his physicality, his pace, his last-ditch tackles.
"Raheem Sterling is the ultimate test because he is such a good player, and he never gave him a kick."
Former United striker Michael Owen says United's style against City suited Wan-Bissaka down to the ground.
"This was the perfect game wasn't it for him today," Owen said.
"When you're defending, he comes into his own. And that's not to say he can't go forward, he's actually not a bad crosser of the ball.
"I think he can improve in possession, I don't think he's very good in possession.
"But this type of game today, it just suits him down to the ground.
"Playing against somebody that's very, very dangerous, that's quick.
"Let's not forget where he's learnt his trade, he's learnt it against Wilfried Zaha at Crystal Palace, imagine playing against him every day in training.
"He's brilliant at one-on-one defending and I just think that today was the perfect game against someone like Sterling. He didn't get a kick Sterling today."
Ex-United midfielder Owen Hargreaves says Sterling should have swapped wings because of Wan-Bissaka's dominance over him.
"I'm actually surprised it was so one sided between Wan-Bissaka and Raheem Sterling," Hargreaves said.
"I'm surprised he didn't swap sides because Phil Foden didn't affect the game playing on the right-hand side.
"I would have thought Pep would have swapped Raheem Sterling and put him on the right-hand side because against Wan-Bissaka, honestly, I think even Raheem knew after about 20 minutes ‘I'm not going to get around him'."