Giggs believes the fate of the coaching staff lies with the new manager

Ryan Giggs accepts the decision on his and many of his colleagues' futures depends on the new manager of Manchester United.
The Welshman's former team-mates Paul Scholes, Nicky Butt and Phil Neville have been assisting Giggs since David Moyes left the club but the season draws to a close this weekend. It was suggested to the interim boss that the decision on whether to retain the existing coaching team must be entirely down to the next appointment.
"I think so," accepted Giggs. "It’s something the new manager has definitely got to consider. I would say there are probably more plus points than there are minuses with what the lads bring in knowing the culture, knowing the history and way the club is run. It’s definitely a plus but you’re right. Ultimately, it’s down to the new manager."
The 40-year-old is set to embark on his holidays next Friday but is keen not to be rushed into a decision on whether he will hang up his boots.
"I will go away and chill out and make a decision," he explained. "I’m lucky I’ve got lots of options and I think in some ways, if I really think about, it could be a sad time but also an exciting time as well. I’ve got to really seriously think about it and what I do. Whether I still play, stay here or go somewhere else. I could just chill out for a year and take a step back as I’ve been in football since I left school.
"I could get pushed next week on telling the club what I want to do but I’m not really in a rush. I’ll go away, chill out and there’s nothing that I’m too worried about. I might get emotional and sad if I do decide to finish but I’ve got so many options open at the moment, I’ve not gone into too much thought."