Gary Neville, Ryan Giggs and Phil Neville reveal their best-ever Manchester United teammate

Cristiano Ronaldo, Roy Keane, Peter Schmeichel, Rio Ferdinand, Jaap Stam... the list of Manchester United greats from the Sir Alex Ferguson era could fill this page and many more.
But there was one man who stood above them all, according to three men who accumulated over 1,700 appearances at the Old Trafford club. 
Ryan Giggs, Gary Neville and his brother Phil were asked by Sky Sports to mull over who their best ever teammate was.
The three Class of '92 graduates named four players between them for starters.
Giggs picked Cristiano Ronaldo and Paul Scholes as his top two, Phil Neville named Ronaldo and Giggs himself while brother Gary went for three: Giggs, Scholes and former captain Roy Keane.
"I say Keane, Giggs and Scholes, always," Neville explained. 
"I've given you three. I always say those three players."
After asking his brother and Giggs to confirm the players they had picked, Neville asked: "So who is it? Who is the one? Ronaldo or Scholes?"
Giggs deliberated for a moment before stating confidently: "Scholesy."
The two Neville brother nodded in agreement, saying in tandem: "Scholesy."
"His awareness and controlling of a game," the elder Neville said.
Phil chipped in: "Passing... long pass, short pass.
"He knew where the ball was going to land." 
Giggs agreed: "As a player, he was on the same wavelength as you.
"You just never had to break stride with his passes whether it be 10 yards, whether it be 40 yards.
"He was just always pinpoint. Perfect."