Dimitar Berbatov recalls what Ryan Giggs told him after winning his first Premier League

Dimitar Berbatov is still highly thought of at Manchester United.
Signing for United in 2008, the Bulgarian striker was only at the club for four seasons but he well and truly made his mark during his stint.
A classy striker who could do everything with the football, Berbatov scored 56 times in 149 appearances for the club.
He would leave for Fulham in 2012 after helping United to a brace of Premier League titles.
Despite his short spell Berbatov has been active in talking about the 20-time English champions.
The 37-year-old has recently wrote for Manutd.com, where he details his experiences at the club.
In one passage, Berbatov speaks about winning his first Premier League title and what Ryan Giggs told him in the dressing room afterwards.
And it's gold. Take a look at what he said below:
"My first year at the club, I won my first Premier League title," he wrote. "I was just like… oh my God. Jumping inside.
"When I went home that night I jumped around for real because nobody could see me, with my medal, going around the house naked. I was so happy.
"But when I go in the dressing room after the game, I see Giggsy with his 110th medal or whatever, already saying: 'Berbs, the next one is coming.’
"We won the league a few minutes ago and already it’s forgotten!
"I’m like… can I have five minutes, please? I’ve JUST won my first medal. You know, nothing special!
"You could see that for them it was almost like something normal. Probably for me it would be the same after that many medals, but in that dressing room it was always about the next goal, the next cup, the next title, the next Champions League.
"This is what winners do. It was unbelievable."
Brilliant. That says it all about that United side under Sir Alex Ferguson.
Ferguson built a team of winners who were never content with what they had won. They always looked towards the future.
Ultimately, that's the main reason why Ferguson's side were so successful for the best part of two decades.