Team-mate Tales: Ryan Giggs

Who is... the most intelligent Red?
Apart from me?! Probably Nev [Gary Neville]. He’s like a politician, and will argue everything. Even if he is wrong, he’ll tell you he’s right. He always has something to say.

Funniest player?
Patrice [Evra]. He’s full of practical jokes and little one-liners, and a great person to have around the changing room.

Best-dressed team-mate?
Patrice again probably! He’s head to toe in Dolce & Gabbana, he does all his shopping in Monaco and Milan, and is always smart, even in his tracksuit.

What about the worst dressed…?
[Another long pause] Cristiano [Ronaldo]. No reason, but it will upset him so I thought I’d say it! He tries hard every day…

Who is the best player in training?
Paul Scholes - you just can’t get the ball off him. He’s a great passer of the ball, he has a great range. He works hard but he also manages to make it look easy – which everyone would love to be able to do.

And the worst?
[Long pause] Erm, you don’t really get bad trainers at this club. But I’ll say Anderson – only because he’s carefree, relaxed and tries things out, but he doesn’t ever take himself too seriously.

Who’d make it into your Reds five-a-side team?
Alongside me I’d have Rio, Scholesy, Cristiano and Wayne Rooney. In that side you’ve got goalscorers, the backbone in Rio, people who can keep the ball, pace and power – just a bit of everything.